This design represents a concept that could not take place or be experienced anywhere other than Liberty State Park. Fine tuning the project further would produce an incredible memorial that can only begin to do justice to the individuals it memorializes. The rest of the process is up to the individual visitor. What they bring in their hearts and what they contemplate in the reflections or at the statues or elsewhere on the site is what will complete the process. The potential for great visions is set forth by the wisdom of those that chose the site, the beautiful panorama of Manhattan and the tons of granite, concrete, steel, grass, blueberry bushes and inspiration represented in this submission.

Los Angeles, CA (February 17, 2009) Joel Avery of the United States was Awarded: Third Prize in Architecture, Category: Landscape for the entry titled, "Reflections & Remembrance."

Their project is a conceptual design for a September 11th memorial at Liberty State Park, directly across the Hudson from the World trade center site. Compromised of four main elements - the Wall of Reflection, the Table of Ceres, the Tower of Remembrance, and the Time Garden – the concept strives to achieve a unique perspective on 9/11 & the park that could not be duplicated at any other location.

More of the project can be viewed at the website
The homepage for the website. The site itself won a Graphic Desgin USA American Grapic Design Award.
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