Steve Jobs Memorial - St. Petersburg, Russia

This memorial design consists of four main components: The Welcome Kiosk, The Black iPad Installation, The White iPad Installation, and The Main Memorial Array. The black iPads will rotate a constant slideshow of combined images: photos of Steve Jobs, his inventions and innovations, and visitors that traveled in person to see the memorial and took the time to snap their own photos at the welcome kiosk. The white iPads on the other wall will focus on innovations imagined and produced through the Fund of IT Progress, it's founders and supporters; telling their stories, histories, and how Steve Jobs has inspired the progress of IT both in Russia and the world. The main memorial array is made of 1,176 black and white iPhones stacked in 56 rows, one row for each year of Steve's life. Even powered off, the black iPhones clearly give a portrait silhouette of Mr. Jobs. These phones would mostly be powered on and have a varied presentation - highlights of Steve's life, large versions of his most memorable presentations, and living portraits of him in full color. The images would pan and span the screens of all the phones in a manner common to modern video arrays. Between each larger presentation the phones would display individual images from around the globe, some submitted via the internet, all from grateful users of the products and services that he brought to life.

This memorial design consists of four main components; the welcome kiosk, the black iPad installation, the white iPad installation, and the main memorial array which is comprised of an arrangement of white an black iPhones.
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