Studio Portraits
Location and Environmental Portraiture
3:12 to St. Michaels
Chestnut Street
Tea with Fredrick Douglass
Jewels From a Gentle Rain
Of All the Doors, In All the Rooms
Graystone Great Hall
Spring Columbine
Three Things Jefferson Said
Rachel's Storm
Feet over Philly
A Colorful Run
Talent & Texture
Spring is Over
Guess Who?
19320 Fourth
Fashion in the Park
Manhattan View
Regardless of How it Works
Riff on the Radian
One Foot High
Open Season on Open Air
Autumn Begins
Ben Jumps the Golden
Detroit's Tomorrow
Color Contestants
A Brush with Greatness
Optical Reality
Forty Lives
A Life Well Lived, Remembering John
Happy Birthday Becky*
First Sunrise of 2013
There’s a Porcupine in my Ocean
Powers & Company, Inc. - Website Design and Development
Vital Entropic States, Triptych 09
Cyphoma gibbosum
Seasonal Anomaly
It Landed In The Field
There Are Limits, You Know
Red #109,124,085,189
Essington Avenue | Used Auto Parts Website
Franklin's Tribute
Random Apostles
Running Water
Spring Deferred
Carry On
Easter Lincoln
That Kind of Morning
Remembering Boston
Honey Bee in the Redbud Tree
Monumental Mist
1777 Dreams | Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
The Stylized Grecian | St. Davids, Pennsylvania
Wisteria All Around | Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
Yea Though I Walk | New York, New York
Civic Tour de Force | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Water for Lilies 01 | Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
150 Reasons | Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
And the Rocket’s Red Glare | Cape May, New Jersey
Hottest Retro Fashions, Hottest Day of the Year
Why | West Chester, Pennsylvania
Psalm Thirty, Verse Five | Downingtown, Pennsylvani
For the Love of It | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Black & White | New York, New York
I’ll See Your Sunrise…
Remembering Boston
The Fog, The Dream, The Reality
Bride and Flagstones
The Moon and the Sun(flowers)
Archer Wedding | Event Photography
Paul Macht Architects | Branding
To the Foot Soldiers
AEC | Women's Ministries Logo
Devine’s Manitoba
Indiana Summer
Blessed Image Barber Shop | Price List Design
Blessed Image Barber Shop | Business Card Design
Blessed Image Barbershop | T-shirt Design
Blessed Image Barbershop | Branding
Randy Lucas Tax + Energy | Collateral Design
S.A.L.T. Columbia Union Conference | Collateral Design
Precision Surgical Inc. | Website Design & Development
Healthy Beginnings | Event Branding & Social Media
Artists 19320 Branding Package
Allegheny East Conference Corporation | Website
2012 Leadership Council Event | Collateral Design
neXe Consulting | Branding Package
Digital Disruption | Presentation Overview Webpage
PhilaNOMA | Branding & Collateral Design
NOMA - For the LOVE of It - 2014 Conference Branding | Website Design and Development
NOMA | Corporate Branding
Fall Tears, Tears Fall
I Never Thought
At the End | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Patricia Joanne 08.19.1940 – 11.13.2013
Water Aware | Indianapolis, Indiana
Asterisk Failure | Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Frozen | Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Rebecca’s Serenity | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Enter Ebenezer | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Golden Days | Camden, New Jersey
Frozen Beginnings | Downingtown, Pennsylvania
A Warmer Morning | Cozumel, Mexico
Diomatic Shutter | Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Los Angeles Wakes Up | Los Angeles, California
If Hoth Had Trees | Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Far from Sochi | Wallace, Pennsylvania
Naturally Lit 191685 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Surrender or Command? | Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Cloud Works | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Detail Decay | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Three Girls and a Frog | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Overcast | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Arch Buck | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Racing Flag | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The City Shimmers | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Clear Definition of Architecture | Philadelphia
Philly Frieze | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Kimmel Covered | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Bourse and the Block | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"OLD" | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
PAFA Present | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Red Glare | Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Giant Video | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Elder Detail | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Urban Fabric: Arch07 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
6th to Front | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
At the End of the Bridge | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Sugary Smirk
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