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The days of single IT solutions are gone. There are so many options for hardware, software and cloud services and they seem to increase each and every day. How does a small business stay competitive? What new tools can be leveraged? What existing tools can be retired? How do you keep your team both current and secure?

Architects and other SMB's have relied on the IT expertise of CREATiVENESS for decades. The first network Joel put together and managed was in 1991. His knowledge extends from the days of daisy-chaining and Lantastic 4.0 to Office 365 and MakerBot. He's beta tested software from Microsoft, Autodesk, Adobe, Google and many others. That's generations of technology and all of the lessons that come along with it.

Joel has spoken in a variety of conferences in fifteen different states specifically on the use of technology in the AEC and photography fields. Coupled with daily management of system operations throughout the East coast he knows both the theoretical and practical aspects in great detail.

Current partners include Microsoft, Dropbox, Carbonite, SolarWinds, PC Connection,
With their tools and support CREATiVENESS provides the following services and many, many more:

-general consultation, all aspects of information technology (think CIO)
-planning, design and implementation for teams of 2 -52 users
-existing systems testing and evaluation
-risk assessment
-proactive / automated systems management
-24/7 monitoring service
-on premise server configuration and management
-Office 365 implementations standalone and hybrid
-robust onsite and cloud backup solutions
-hardware / software / service procurement, all levels

: :  target markets
Most small businesses can enjoy the benefits of the services we offer however our custom services are highly sought out in some key sectors.

Architecture Engineering Construction
AEC firms are the key vertical market for our services. Almost a decade in professional practice and two decades serving name-brand architecture firms has honed our abilities here to a 't'. Why do architects choose CREATiVENESS?
-right tech, right time philosophy
-proven capabilities understanding the needs of design professionals
-discernment between sales hype and technical advance (We've been assisting with BIM implementations for two decades -
longer than the acronym has existed)
-skills with all facets of marketing, design, presentation, documentation paradigms

Photography & Graphic Design
With awards in both sectors CREATiVENESS is amply suited to the specialized needs of visual arts firms. Similar to architecture companies, digital assets for photographers and designers can get large and/or grow substantially in number. Right sizing the infrastructure for today's use and tomorrow's growth can be critical for delicate budgets. Let us take care of the IT part of the business so you can focus on creativity.

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